Kentucky vs. St. Johns

- Tuesday, December 23 1947 -

Kentucky - 52 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Jim Line513511
James Jordan00100
Joe Holland10032
Wallace Jones424210
Alex Groza32428
Ralph Beard20224
Jack Parkinson01211
Ken Rollins646316
Dale Barnstable00000

St. Johns - 40 (Head Coach: Frank McGuire)
Gerry Calabrese00010
Thomas Tolan288312
Gerry Griffin02222
"Shadow" Weston31227
Archie Oldham22436
Dick McGuire21335
Larry Jakobson10032
Ivy Summer22336

Halftime Score: Kentucky 29, St. Johns 15
Officials: Jocko Collins and Jammy Moskowitz
Attendance: 18,423
Arena: Madison Square Garden (Old)
References: New York Times, Lexington Herald, St. Johns University and Louisville Courier-Journal

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Alex Groza (#36) and Wallace Jones (#27) squeeze St. Johns' Archie Oldham (white jersey in center) for rebound. Watching are St. John's Tom Tolan (#28) and Kentucky's Jim Line (#25)

Jim Line (left) and St. Johns' Dick McGuire collide while reaching for a loose ball

Alex Groza (#36) has his back turned as St. John's players Archie Oldham (#23) and Dick McGuire (#21) track down a rebound

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