Kentucky vs. St. Johns

- Wednesday, March 22 1944 -

NIT (at New York, NY)

Kentucky - 45 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Jack Tingle43311
Rudy Yessin0010
Tom Moseley0000
Bob Brannum3127
Truett DeMoisey3228
Jack Parkinson2004
Wilbur Schu71215

St. Johns - 48 (Head Coach: Joe Lapchick)
William Kotsores71615
Ray Wertis50010
Ivy Summer1113
Tom Larkin0000
Hy Gotkin3127
Wade Duym2236
Don Wehr3147

Halftime Score: Kentucky 24, St. Johns 24
Officials: Pat Kennedy and Sam Schoenfeld
Attendance: 18,353
Arena: Madison Square Garden (Old)
References: New York Times, St. Johns University, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald
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Game Writeup - by Louis Effrat, New York Times

Tom Moseley (#4) grabs the ball for Kentucky. Also shown are Jack Tingle (left), Jack Parkinson (#3) and Wilbur Schu (behind Moseley)

Bob Brannum tries to gain possession of the ball while guarded by St. Johns' Ivy Summer

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