Kentucky at Iowa

- Friday, December 14 1973 -

Kentucky - 88 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Unranked]
Kevin Grevey919111211429
Jimmy Dan Conner3735649
Bob Guyette48131159
Mike Flynn66002512
Ronnie Lyons613440316
Steve Lochmueller0101220
Jerry Hale0113311
G. J. Smith35461210
Roger Wood0122212
Ray Edelman0000000

Iowa - 80 (Head Coach: Richard Schultz) - [Unranked]
Neil Fegebank3628658
Larry Parker2726556
Jim Collins0201130
Candy LaPrince1528457534
Scott Thompson4601258
Nate Washington492313410
Leon Thomas0300010
John Hairston4900448
Mike Gatens0100120
Glen Worley0022122
Dennis Hakeman1222004
Cliff Sumpter0000000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 52, Iowa 34
Officials: Art White and Ralph Stout
Attendance: 10,102
Arena: Iowa Field House
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and University of Iowa

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Bob Guyette (#42) drives to the basket while trailed by Iowa's Candy LaPrince (#10)

LaPrince (#10) defends against Kentucky's Mike Flynn (#24)

LaPrince (#10) skies to reject a reverse-layup attempt by Flynn (#24)

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