Kentucky vs. Notre Dame

- Saturday, December 30 1967 -

(at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 81 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 6th by AP]
Mike Pratt31300326
Thad Jaracz210221146
Dan Issel211221116
Mike Casey1124553327
Phil Argento713451118
Gary Gamble3422718
Cliff Berger1400402
Jim LeMaster3500126
Steve Clevenger1800102

Notre Dame - 73 (Head Coach: Johnny Dee) - [Unranked]
Dwight Murphy515005210
Bob Arnzen14271219229
Bob Whitmore10163921423
Mike O'Connell1111033
James Derrig2545428
George Restovich0100110
Mike Franger0000000

Halftime Score: Notre Dame 40, Kentucky 36
Officials: Orlando Palesse and A.C. Lambert
Attendance: 17,137
Arena: Freedom Hall
References: Chicago Tribune, Louisville Courier-Journal and Notre Dame

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Mike Pratt and Notre Dame's Mike O'Connell fight for the ball

Jim LeMaster drives down the court

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