Kentucky vs. Syracuse

- Saturday, December 30 1950 -

Sugar Bowl (at New Orleans, LA)

Kentucky - 69 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 1st by AP]
Walter Hirsch11133
Shelby Linville824218
Bill Spivey9810226
Frank Ramsey567416
Bobby Watson01401
Lucian Whitaker20304
Dwight Price01431

Syracuse - 59 (Head Coach: Marcel Guley) - [Unranked]
Eric Huggins511511
Richard Suprunowicz11133
Edwin Miller11243
John Kiley835019
William Manikas20004
Franklin Reddout00050
Charles Stevesky22226
Stanley Swanson457413

Halftime Score: Syracuse 39, Kentucky 35
Officials: John Nucatola and James Enright
Attendance: 6800
Arena: Municipal Auditorium (NO)
References: Lexington Herald-Leader, Syracuse University, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Binghamton (NY) Press and Sun-Bulletin

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St. Louis 42 - 43 OT|Auburn 79 - 35

Bill Spivey defends the basket while Frank Ramsey (#30), Shelby Linville (#11) and Walt Hirsch (#19) look on.

Bill Spivey (#77) shoots inside

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