Kentucky at Creighton

- Thursday, December 19 1940 -

Kentucky - 45 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
Keith Farnsley11243
Waller White11123
James King24628
Lee Huber20104
Carl Staker00010
Ermal Allen20014
Melvin Brewer20034
Carl Combs20124
Marvin Akers21305
Milt Ticco345010

Creighton - 54 (Head Coach: Eddie Hickey)
Don Fleming522112
Arthur Jaquay41319
Ed Beisser30146
Dick Nolan523112
Gene Haldeman33439
Norman Engelbretson00010
Ralph Langer12634
Elmer Munden00000
Robert Fitzgerald10002
Don Sheam00010
Varro Ritter00000

Halftime Score: Creighton 27, Kentucky 23
Officials: Ted O'Sullivan (Missouri) and Ab Hinshaw (Emporia)
Arena: Creighton Old Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald and Creighton University

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Creighton's Dick Nolan shoots over a Kentucky defender.

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