Kentucky Players: Missing Birth Date

The birth date of the following Kentucky players have not been identified. The year played at Kentucky is a good guide for estimating the time period of birth (ie about 20 years prior). This has been done below, with the estimated birth year based on the number of years on the team, the class while on the squad (ie sophomore, junior etc.) if known. If you have any relevant information, please contact me at the address below. For more information on the type of data I am searching for with my site, please check the following page.

PlayerLast Season
Birth Year
Jeff Ginnan (*)1988-89Beattyville, KY1966-6-8200
Chris Jones (*)1988-89Russell, KY1969-6-3180
Steve Bruce (*)1986-87Versailles, KY1966-6-4175
Terry Shigg (*)1986-87Rapid City, SD1967-6-2170
Steve Williams (*)1976-77Erlanger, KY1956-6-0170
Roger Wood (*)1973-74Buffalo Grove, IL1953-6-11210
Darryl Bishop (*)1971-72Louisville, KY1951-6-3205
Greg Smith (*)1971-72Louisville, KY1950-6-3190
Jim Thomas Harris (*)1968-69Carrolton, KY194810/20/20156-4195
Greg Starrick (*)1968-69Marion, IL1948-6-2173
Ray Frudenberger1962-63Long Island, NY1942---
Don Rolfes (*)1962-63Harrison, OH1942-6-7220
Doug Pendygraft (*)1961-62Parksville, KY1939-6-2175
Larry W. Pursiful (*)1961-62Four Mile, KY1939-6-1165
Vincent Del Negro (*)1960-61Springfield, MA1939-6-5190
Bennie C. Coffman (*)1959-60Huntington, WV1937-6-3173
Don Mills (*)1959-60Berea, KY1937-6-6185
Alford M. Robinson (*)1959-60Lexington, KY1938-6-1185
Lowell T. Hughes (*)1958-59Prestonsburg, KY1937-6-0175
Phil Johnson (*)1958-59Lexington, KY1936-6-5190
John Hudson Hardwick (*)1956-57Lexington, KY1936-6-3185
George Cooke (*)1951-52Maysville, KY1932-6-0170
Cliff Dwyer (*)1951-52Cincinnati, OH1932-6-8220
James Flynn (*)1951-52Lexington, KY1932-6-2180
Woodrow Preston (*)1951-52Pikeville, KY1932-6-2165
Lindle Castle (*)1950-51Winchester, KY193012/4/20165-11165
Walter Hirsch (*)1950-51Dayton, OH1928-6-4180
Paul Liberto Lansaw (*)1950-51Middletown, OH1929-6-1178
Roger Layne (*)1950-51McKamie, AR1928-6-7185
Garland Ray Townes (*)1949-50Hazard, KY19282/24/20186-0170
Mike E. Homa (*)1947-48Fairfield, CT19284/9/2014--
James E. Weber (*)1945-46Pettisville, OH1924-6-6202
Sam Zeaman (*)1945-46Pittsburgh, PA1926-6-2-
Bill Chambers (*)1944-45Huntington, WV1924-5-10165
James Robert Howe (*)1944-45Fort Thomas, KY1925-6-0163
William Cravens (*)1943-44Huntington, WV1924-6-4165
Harry Curry Gorham (*)1943-44Lexington, KY1924-5-11-
Tom R. Moseley (*)1943-44Lexington, KY1923-6-3180
William Hamm (*)1942-43Hamilton, OH1922---
James S. Robertson (*)1940-41Eminence, KY19205/11/1982--
Fred R. Curtis (*)1938-39Nashville, TN19165/28/19766-3169
James Franklin Goodman (*)1938-39Paris, KY1917-6-3168
Billy Jackson1938-39Anderson, IN1918---
Edward H. Gough (*)1937-38Lexington, KY19178/1/1986--
* Holmes1937-38-1917---
Robert Davis (*)1936-37Dayton, KY1915---
Walter Velmer Hodge (*)1936-37Paris, KY19162/10/19806-3176
William Davis (*)1935-36-1915---
Robert H. Taylor (*)1935-36Covington, KY19134/13/1977--
John Ed Morris (*)1932-33Lexington, KY1912-6-2-
George M. Yates (*)1932-33Elizabethtown, KY1910-6-4-
James L. Hughes (*)1931-32Georgetown, KY1911---
Charles Hugh McGuire (*)1931-32Williamsburg, KY1909---
Milton James Cavana (*)1930-31Iowa Falls, IA19099/13/19596166
Bill Congleton (*)1930-31Lexington, KY1910---
Lawrence Marshall Crump (*)1930-31Fort Thomas, KY1909---
Dick Richards (*)1930-31-1909---
Cecil W. Combs (*)1929-30Lexington, KY19078/10/19746-4-
Junior Marvin Lyons (*)1927-28Ashland, KY19079/23/1985--
William Heizer (*)1926-27Lexington, KY1906---
Kenneth Harold Polson1926-27Marion, KY1906---
James Marshall Sharpe (*)1926-27Lexington, KY1906---
Ferdinand Aloysius Wieman (*)1926-27Lexington, KY19061/2/1962--
Charles Edward Alberts (*)1925-26Winchester, KY1903---
Ralph Boren (*)1923-24Paducah, KY1902---
* Hendryx1923-24-1903---
William Samuel King (*)1923-24Lexington, KY190212/1/19805-11140
William Lawrence Poyntz (*)1922-23Covington, KY19019/2/1960--
Gilbert King Smith (*)1922-23Lexington, KY1900---
William Greene Wilkinson (*)1922-23Lebanon, KY1902---
Clifford Fuller1920-21Lexington, KY1900---
* Witherspoon1920-21Anderson County, KY1900---
* Bartlett1919-20Berea, KY1899---
John Carr1919-20Somerset, KY1899---
Charles Keller1918-19-1898---
Walter Wesley Morris (*)1918-19Lexington, KY1899---
* Partee1915-16-1895---
Henry Lester Farmer (*)1912-13Harlan, KY18905/30/19145-9-
Thomas Elmer Beatty (*)1911-12Smithfield, KY1889---
Carl F. Brandstetner (*)1911-12Covington, KY18911/8/19195-8160
Henry Clay Kimbrough (*)1911-12Lexington, KY1891---
John Campbell (*)1910-11Butler, KY1888-5-10160
Joseph Morrison Coons (*)1904-05Mount Sterling, KY18827/26/1909--
Lawrence Brown Waters1904-05Middletown, KY1884---
* Smith1903-04-1883---
George Carter Montgomery (*)1902-03Liberty, KY18831/31/1951--
Ed Pierce1902-03-1882---
* Weaver1902-03-1882---

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