Kentucky Exhibition Games

Yugoslavian player Zoran Cutura (with ball) works against Rob Lock in a 1986-87 Exhibition Game

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6/30/1948Phillips OilersL52 - 60Exhibition (at Tulsa, OK)
7/2/1948Phillips OilersW70 - 69 2 OTExhibition (at Kansas City, MO)
7/9/1948Phillips OilersL50 - 56Exhibition (at Stoll Field)
4/27/1951Kentucky Collegiate AllStarsW94 - 49Exhibition
8/25/1951San German Athletic ClubW86 - 38Exhibition (at Puerto Rico)
8/26/1951Ponce LionsW83 - 43Exhibition (at Puerto Rico)
8/27/1951SanturceW93 - 40Exhibition (at Puerto Rico)
8/29/1951University Puerto RicoW91 - 44Exhibition (at Puerto Rico)
8/30/1951Puerto Rico All-StarsW77 - 51Exhibition (at Puerto Rico)
9/2/1951Navy All-StarsW52 - 23Exhibition (at Puerto Rico) [Called at half due to rain.]
9/3/1951Puerto Rico All-StarsW85 - 46Exhibition (at Puerto Rico)
8/3/1966WarsawW67 - 58International Universities Tournament (at Tel Aviv, Israel)
8/4/1966CambridgeW104 - 45International Universities Tournament (at Tel Aviv, Israel)
8/6/1966SalonikaW91 - 60International Universities Tournament (at Tel Aviv, Israel)
8/10/1966IstanbulW82 - 36International Universities Tournament (at Tel Aviv, Israel)
8/11/1966WarsawW87 - 57International Universities Tournament (at Tel Aviv, Israel)
11/29/1972ChileW125 - 62Exhibition
5/13/1974TahitiW116 - 62Exhibition
5/17/1974AustraliaL87 - 97Exhibition
5/18/1974NewcastleW90 - 78Exhibition
5/19/1974N.S.W. All StarsW123 - 67Exhibition
5/21/1974Illawarra HawksW115 - 57Exhibition
5/22/1974N.S.W. All StarsW106 - 50Exhibition
5/23/1974A.C.T.W96 - 69Exhibition
5/25/1974Bulleen HeidelbergW88 - 83Exhibition
5/26/1974St. Kilda Business HouseW80 - 67Exhibition
5/27/1974NunawadingW99 - 82Exhibition
5/28/1974MelbourneL79 - 86Exhibition
5/30/1974Gippsland All StarsW127 - 74Exhibition
5/31/1974Bulleen HeidelbergW72 - 71Exhibition
6/1/1974Laker All StarsW111 - 83Exhibition
6/3/1974South Australian All StarsW109 - 96Exhibition
6/4/1974South Australian All StarsW110 - 81Exhibition
6/5/1974South Australian All StarsW111 - 84Exhibition
6/6/1974CoburgW108 - 82Exhibition
6/7/1974St. Kilda Business HouseW96 - 85Exhibition
11/25/1974Athletes in ActionW103 - 65Exhibition
11/22/1975YugoslaviaW75 - 74Exhibition
11/22/1976Marathon OilW110 - 93Exhibition (at Memorial Coliseum)
11/11/1977Soviet UnionW109 - 75Exhibition (at Memorial Coliseum)
6/13/1978JapanW104 - 71Exhibition (at Tokyo, Japan)
6/15/1978JapanW102 - 89Exhibition (at Niigata, Japan)
6/18/1978JapanW97 - 59Exhibition (at Nagoya, Japan)
6/19/1978JapanW87 - 82Exhibition (at Osaka, Japan)
6/20/1978JapanW88 - 61Exhibition (at Fukuoka, Japan)
6/22/1978JapanW122 - 79Exhibition (at Nagasaki, Japan)
6/24/1978JapanW125 - 57Exhibition (at Tokyo, Japan)
11/26/1978PolandW80 - 68Exhibition
11/14/1980South KoreaW107 - 59Exhibition
11/23/1981YugoslaviaW124 - 73Exhibition
7/1/1982West GermanyW84 - 73Kirin World Tournament (at Kariya, Japan)
7/2/1982FranceW77 - 65Kirin World Tournament (at Kyoto, Japan)
7/4/1982West GermanyW82 - 72Kirin World Tournament (at Sapporo, Japan)
7/7/1982JapanW86 - 66Kirin World Tournament (at Akita, Japan)
7/10/1982FranceW86 - 83Kirin World Tournament (at Maebashi, Japan)
7/11/1982JapanW106 - 71Kirin World Tournament (at Tokyo, Japan)
7/12/1982ChinaW86 - 63Exhibition (at Taipei, Taiwan) (China #2)
7/15/1982ChinaW119 - 48Exhibition (at Hong Kong) (China #1)
11/21/1982Soviet UnionL86 - 89Exhibition
11/22/1983NetherlandsW73 - 55Exhibition
11/16/1984ChinaW94 - 69Exhibition
11/14/1985CzechoslovakiaW98 - 52Exhibition
6/21/1986JapanW80 - 55Kirin World Tournament (at Tokyo, Japan)
6/22/1986FinlandW87 - 67Kirin World Tournament (at Tokyo, Japan)
6/24/1986FinlandW82 - 65Exhibition (at Sendai, Japan)
6/26/1986JapanW79 - 73Exhibition (at Niigata, Japan)
6/28/1986FinlandW80 - 56Exhibition (at Ohtsu, Japan)
6/29/1986CzechoslovakiaL74 - 80Exhibition (at Sapporo, Japan)
7/2/1986South ChinaW87 - 45Exhibition (at Hong Kong)
11/18/1986YugoslaviaL74 - 76Exhibition
11/24/1987Soviet UnionW75 - 72Exhibition
11/14/1988SwedenW66 - 30Exhibition
1/10/1991Soviet UnionL58 - 87Exhibition (at Memorial Coliseum)
11/10/1991Athletes in ActionW82 - 77Exhibition (at Memorial Coliseum)
11/14/1991Soviet UnionW112 - 92Exhibition
11/19/1992High Five AmericaW113 - 84Exhibition
11/24/1992UkraineW119 - 84Exhibition
11/19/1993Athletes in ActionW94 - 78Exhibition
11/23/1993AustraliaL85 - 94Exhibition
11/9/1994Athletes in ActionW122 - 86Exhibition
11/22/1994LithuaniaW114 - 81Exhibition
8/14/1995Cagiva VareseW123 - 114 OTExhibition
8/16/1995Venice ReyerW113 - 78Exhibition
8/17/1995Russia DynamoW116 - 81Exhibition (at Venice, Italy)
8/18/1995MontecatiniL115 - 123Exhibition
8/21/1995SienaW115 - 86Exhibition (at Scauri, Italy)
11/7/1995Cagiva VareseW98 - 74Exhibition
11/17/1995Athletes in ActionW119 - 80Exhibition
11/4/1996Athletes in ActionW79 - 62Exhibition
11/20/1996MelbourneW84 - 51Exhibition
11/11/1997Court AuthorityW86 - 62Exhibition
11/18/1997North MelbourneW91 - 63Exhibition
11/3/1998California All-StarsW103 - 74Exhibition
11/11/1998Australian All-StarsW88 - 74Exhibition
11/2/1999California All-StarsW73 - 66Exhibition
11/11/1999Athletes in ActionW98 - 77Exhibition
11/2/2000California All-StarsW98 - 82Exhibition
11/16/2000Athletes in ActionW94 - 84Exhibition
11/6/2001Nike EliteW107 - 80Exhibition
11/11/2001Athletes in ActionW88 - 83 OTExhibition
11/11/2002Athletes in ActionW83 - 82Exhibition
11/18/2002Team NikeL75 - 84Exhibition
11/4/2003Team NikeW107 - 89Exhibition
11/12/2003EA SportsW94 - 63Exhibition
11/3/2004Northern KentuckyW91 - 73Exhibition
11/9/2004Kentucky WesleyanW79 - 54Exhibition
11/2/2005Northern StateW80 - 51Exhibition
11/9/2005Georgetown CollegeW85 - 63Exhibition
11/2/2006Lindsey WilsonW94 - 54Exhibition
11/6/2006South Carolina UpstateW81 - 50Exhibition
10/31/2007PikevilleW99 - 64Exhibition
11/3/2007SeattleW82 - 63Exhibition
11/3/2008Missouri - St. LouisW111 - 53Exhibition
11/7/2008Ouachita BaptistW94 - 72Exhibition
11/2/2009CampbellsvilleW74 - 38Exhibition
11/6/2009ClarionW117 - 52Exhibition
8/15/2010WindsorW95 - 62Exhibition (at Windsor, ON)
8/16/2010Western OntarioW96 - 68Exhibition (at Windsor, ON)
8/17/2010WindsorW104 - 75Exhibition (at Windsor, ON)
11/1/2010PikevilleW97 - 66Exhibition
11/5/2010DillardW122 - 54Exhibition
11/2/2011TransylvaniaW97 - 53Exhibition
11/7/2011MorehouseW125 - 40Exhibition
11/1/2012Northwood (FL)W93 - 61Exhibition
11/5/2012TransylvaniaW74 - 28Exhibition
11/1/2013TransylvaniaW76 - 42Exhibition
11/4/2013MontevalloW95 - 72Exhibition
8/10/2014Puerto Rico ReservesW74 - 49Exhibition (at Nassau, Bahamas)
8/11/2014Champagne Chalons-Reims BasketW81 - 58Exhibition (at Nassau, Bahamas)
8/12/2014Puerto Rico ReservesW93 - 57Exhibition (at Nassau, Bahamas)
8/15/2014Dominican RepublicW83 - 71Exhibition (at Nassau, Bahamas)
8/16/2014Champagne Chalons-Reims BasketW77 - 72Exhibition (at Nassau, Bahamas)
8/17/2014Dominican RepublicL62 - 63Exhibition (at Nassau, Bahamas)
11/2/2014PikevilleW116 - 68Exhibition
11/9/2014Georgetown CollegeW121 - 52Exhibition
11/2/2015OttawaW117 - 58Exhibition
11/6/2015Kentucky StateW111 - 58Exhibition
10/30/2016ClarionW108 - 51Exhibition
11/6/2016AsburyW156 - 63Exhibition
10/27/2017Thomas MoreW103 - 61Exhibition
10/30/2017MoreheadW92 - 67Exhibition (Kentucky Cares Classic)
11/3/2017Centre CollegeW106 - 63Exhibition
8/8/2018BahamasW85 - 61Exhibition (at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas)
8/9/2018San Lorenzo de AlmagroW91 - 68Exhibition (at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas)
8/11/2018Mega BemaxW100 - 64Exhibition (at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas)
8/12/2018Team TorontoW93 - 60Exhibition (at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas)
10/26/2018TransylvaniaW94 - 66Exhibition
11/2/2018Indiana University of PennsylvaniaW86 - 64Exhibition
10/27/2019Georgetown CollegeW80 - 53Exhibition
11/1/2019Kentucky StateW83 - 51Exhibition
10/29/2021Kentucky WesleyanW95 - 72Exhibition
11/5/2021Miles CollegeW80 - 71Exhibition
8/10/2022Dominican RepublicW108 - 56Exhibition (at Nassau, Bahamas)
8/11/2022Tec de MonterreyW102 - 40Exhibition (at Nassau, Bahamas)
8/13/2022CarletonW118 - 56Exhibition (at Nassau, Bahamas)
8/14/2022BahamasW98 - 74Exhibition (at Nassau, Bahamas)
10/30/2022Missouri Western StateW56 - 38Exhibition
11/3/2022Kentucky StateW111 - 53Exhibition

Game Photos in Exhibition Between UK and Chile November 29, 1972
Jim Andrews (#55) shoots over Carlos Zarges
Jimmy Dan Conner (#20) drives past Jose Verdejo (#12)
Kevin Grevey (#35) shoots against Rual Villella (#7)
Chile's Lorenzo Pardo (#18) shoots while Jimmy Dan Conner looks on

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