Kentucky's Creighton Old Gymnasium Record

| Kentucky Wins - 1 | Kentucky Losses - 2 |
Location: Omaha, NE
Also Known As: Vinardi Athletic Center
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Game Results

1/6/1933Kentucky at CreightonW32 - 26NA-
1/7/1933Kentucky at CreightonL22 - 34NA-
12/19/1940Kentucky at CreightonL45 - 54NA-

Arena High Statistics
(Note: Kentucky games only. Complete statistics may not be available.)

Category#UK Player#Opp Player#UK Game
Opponent (Date)
#Opp Game
Opponent (Date)
Points11John DeMoisey (1/6/1933)14Willard Schmidt (1/7/1933)45Creighton (12/19/1940)54Creighton (12/19/1940)
Free Throws4James King (12/19/1940)
Milt Ticco (12/19/1940)
6Willard Schmidt (1/7/1933)11Creighton (12/19/1940)10Creighton (12/19/1940)
Field Goals5John DeMoisey (1/6/1933)
Forest Sale (1/6/1933)
5Don Fleming (12/19/1940)
Dick Nolan (12/19/1940)
17Creighton (12/19/1940)22Creighton (12/19/1940)

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