Kentucky Teams Claiming the SEC-East Championship

Note: Division Champions were named beginning in 1992
Claimed 12 Times

1991-92Rick Pitino297Schedule, Roster, Statistics -
1993-94Rick Pitino277Schedule, Roster, Statistics Co-Champion (Florida)
1994-95Rick Pitino285Schedule, Roster, Statistics -
1995-96Rick Pitino342Schedule, Roster, Statistics -
1997-98Orlando Smith354Schedule, Roster, Statistics -
1999-00Orlando Smith2310Schedule, Roster, Statistics Co-Champion (Florida, Tennessee)
2000-01Orlando Smith2410Schedule, Roster, Statistics Co-Champion (Florida)
2001-02Orlando Smith2210Schedule, Roster, Statistics Co-Champion (Florida, Georgia [Vacated])
2002-03Orlando Smith324Schedule, Roster, Statistics -
2003-04Orlando Smith275Schedule, Roster, Statistics -
2004-05Orlando Smith286Schedule, Roster, Statistics -
2009-10John Calipari353Schedule, Roster, Statistics -

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