Alabama at Kentucky

- Monday, February 22 1971 -

Alabama - 74 (Head Coach: C.M. Newton) - [Unranked]
Ken Hogue0633203
David Williams211131245
Alan House512443314
Bobby Lynch0000200
Jimmy Hollon614885420
Dick Appleyard0200100
Paul Ellis814015516
Wendel Garner410348011
George Harrison0412411
Tom Hoover0100100
Farra Alford2200034
Glenn Garrett0000010

Kentucky - 101 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 12th by AP]
Tom Parker1020118221
Larry Steele710448418
Tom Payne712239416
Jim Dinwiddie3713337
Mike Casey58585215
Stan Key0101110
Larry Stamper3312517
Jim Andrews4800628
Terry Mills2755209
Clint Wheeler0100000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 44, Alabama 31
Technical Fouls: Tom Payne for arguing a foul call made against UK's Jim Andrews too emphatically [ejected by Ralph Stout]
Officials: Ralph Stout and Dick Pace
Attendance: 11,500
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Alabama and Cincinnati Enquirer

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Mike Casey (#34) and Jim Dinwiddie (#10) try to steal the ball from an Alabama player

Tom Payne (#54) is about to grab the loose ball from Alabama's Paul Ellis

Tom Payne (#54) drives the ball while Tom Parker (#12) and Mike Casey (foreground) look to get open. Trying to get back to defend include Alabama's Alan House (#33) and Ken Hogue (#21)

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