Kentucky at Pennsylvania

- Saturday, December 14 1968 -

Kentucky - 102 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 4th by AP]
Mike Pratt685812417
Dan Issel92081016426
Larry Steele411457312
Mike Casey915001118
Phil Argento59566215
Jim Dinwiddie1201632
Greg Starrick0301030
Clint Wheeler4401818
Bob McCowan0200000
Randy Pool0000220
Art Laib1301202
Bill Busey1300002

Pennsylvania - 78 (Head Coach: Dick Harter) - [Unranked]
James Wolf4102313510
Pete Andrews721665420
Carl Robbins31423958
David Wohl818348119
Steven Bilsky414443412
Decker Uhlhorn0101330
Kenneth Leeson2334527
James Haney1400202
Jeffrey Osowski0100510

Halftime Score: Kentucky 55, Pennsylvania 34
Officials: Harold Johnson and Michael DiTomasso
Attendance: 4076
Arena: Palestra
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and University of Pennsylvania

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Mike Pratt sees his shot go in while Penn's Pete Andrews can only watch

Penn's Steve Bilsky (#10) fouls Kentucky's Phil Argento as he drives to the basket

Penn's Carl Robbins (#22) and Steve Bilsky reach for the rebound while Mike Pratt, Larry Steele, Dan Issel and Penn's Pete Andrews watch

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