Kentucky at Georgia

- Monday, January 16 1967 -

Kentucky - 40 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Unranked]
Pat Riley510016410
Gary Gamble0134203
Thad Jaracz1522344
Louie Dampier613342215
Bob Tallent3600356
Jim LeMaster1200122
Phil Argento0000000
Steve Clevenger0200120

Georgia - 49 (Head Coach: Ken Rosemond) - [Unranked]
Jim Youngblood77675220
Mickey Wiles2735237
Don Wix2344518
Dick McIntosh0069116
Frank Harscher2344128

Halftime Score: Kentucky 8, Georgia 6
Officials: James Long and Burrell Crowell
Attendance: 6582
Arena: Stegeman Coliseum
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and University of Georgia

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Game Writeup - by Joe Litsch, The Red and Black

Georgia's Jim Youngblood (#40) attempts a layup while defended by UK's Thad Jaracz (#55)

Georgia Mickey Wiles (#10) holds the ball in front of Georgia's Jim Youngblood (#40) and UK's Bob Tallent (#24), Lou Dampier (#10) and Thad Jaracz (#55)

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