Iowa State at Kentucky

- Wednesday, December 9 1964 -

Iowa State - 74 (Head Coach: Glen Anderson) - [Unranked]
Allan Koch512471214
William Wantiez1233315
David Fleming1311233
Robert Ziegler67112313
Bob Vander Wilt3623208
Gary Jones4600338
Ronald Millik2434327
Wilbur Sandbulte1200022
Donald Ziegler4712409
Gerald Closter0212111
Larry Mills0101410
Allan Tubbs0000000
Donald McKale2500204

Kentucky - 100 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 9th by AP]
Larry Conley35578211
Pat Riley8182210218
John Adams3736939
Randy Embry1300102
Louie Dampier1724349237
Tommy Kron55220412
Terry Mobley2722226
Gene Stewart0000110
Larry Lentz0111101
Frank Tully0200200
Ron Kennett1322114

Halftime Score: Kentucky 46, Iowa State 28
Officials: Bob Mason and Ben Bidewell
Attendance: 11,000
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and Iowa State University

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Pat Riley (#42) and John Adams fight Iowa State player Dave Fleming for the ball

Louie Dampier (#10) makes a pass through the Iowa State defense

Louie Dampier (#10) passes to John Adams (#45)

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