United States vs. Czechoslovakia

- Monday, August 2 1948 -

Olympic Games (at London, England)

United States - 53 (Head Coach: Omar (Bud) Browning)
Lewis Beck31207
Jesse Renick10022
Ralph Beard23537
Cliff Barker21225
Don Barksdale12334
Bob Kurland22236
Vince Boryla41229
Gordon Carpenter31317
Ken Rollins30016
Alex Groza00140

Czechoslovakia - 28 (Head Coach: Josef Fleischlinger)
Jiri Siegel10042
Ivan Mrazek32428
Jan Kozak03503
Josef Krepela23627
Joseph Belohradsky00110
Cyril Benacek15517
Ladislav Trpkos01341
Jiri Drvota00110
Josef Ezr00000
Vaclav Krasa00020

Halftime Score: United States 23, Czechoslovakia 12
Officials: Carro (Uruguary) and Son (China)
Attendance: 1250
Arena: Harringay Arena
References: New York Times, Lexington Herald and John Grasso

Game Writeup - Lexington Herald

Action from the game

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