Kentucky at Vanderbilt

- Monday, February 9 1948 -

Kentucky - 82 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Wallace Jones31227
Cliff Barker436111
Alex Groza812117
Ralph Beard834119
Ken Rollins10032
James Jordan00000
Jim Line41119
Albert Cummins00000
Joe Holland13325
Jack Parkinson10002
Dale Barnstable40028
John Stough02222

Vanderbilt - 51 (Head Coach: Bob Polk)
Billy Joe Adcock726516
Haworth Parks422210
Pete Robinson32328
Mike Craig40118
Bobby McGuire12244
Andy Todd00000
Ed Tate11103
Dick Williams00010
Irvin Munday10022

Halftime Score: Kentucky 37, Vanderbilt 23
Officials: Hickman Duncan and Herman Jackson
Arena: Navy Classification Center
References: Lexington Herald and Vanderbilt University

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Washington (St. Louis) 69 - 39|Tennessee 69 - 42

Bobby McGuire of Vanderbilt and Cliff Barker (#23) of Kentucky vie for a rebound while Vandy's Mike Craig (#26) and UK's Wallace Jones (#27) look on

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