United States vs. France

- Friday, August 13 1948 -

Olympic Games Finals (at London, England)

United States - 65 (Head Coach: Omar (Bud) Browning)
Lewis Beck22206
R.C. Pitts31107
Vince Boryla11113
Robert Robinson10022
Ralph Beard12204
Ray Lumpp501010
Bob Kurland20004
Don Barksdale32328
Alex Groza511311
Gordon Carpenter02212
Jesse Renick10002
Ken Rollins10002
Wallace Jones12224
Cliff Barker00210

France - 21
Fernand Guillon01101
Jacques Pierrier21245
Andre Even00000
Yvan Quenin00000
Maurice Girardot00100
Maurice De Saymonnet00010
Rene Derency01121
Piere Thiolin11413
Andre Buffiere00130
Rene Chocat32228
Raymond Offner10002
Lucien Rebuffic01101
Andre Barrais00000

Halftime Score: United States 28, France 9
Officials: Vittorio Ugolini (Italy) and Abdel Azim Ashri (Egypt)
Attendance: 6000
Arena: Harringay Arena
References: New York Times, Lexington Herald and John Grasso

Game Writeup - Benjamin Welles, New York Times

Ticket stub from the game

US Center Bob Kurland (#90) tries to control the ball which guarded by France's jacques Perrier (#6). Also shown are the USA's Gordon Carpenter (#66) and Lewis Beck (#11)

Players celebrate the victory and winning the Gold Medal

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