United States vs. Peru

- Friday, August 6 1948 -

Olympic Games (at London, England)

United States - 61 (Head Coach: Omar (Bud) Browning)
Ken Rollins419
Ralph Beard000
Don Barksdale5010
Gordon Carpenter306
Alex Groza328
Bob Kurland102
Wallace Jones6012
Robert Robinson102
Lewis Beck408
Jesse Renick204

Peru - 33
Virgilio Drago Burga5010
Alberto Fernandez Calderon113
A. Ferreyos Perez4210
Jose Vicarra Nieto011
G. Ahrens Valdivia000
Rodolfo Salas Crespo215
Luis Sanchez Maquiavelo124
Carlos Alegre Benavides000

Officials: Gualtiero Folati (Italy) and Taris (France)
Arena: Harringay Arena
References: New York Times

Game Writeup - New York Times

Ticket stub from the game

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