United States vs. Egypt

- Wednesday, August 4 1948 -

Olympic Games (at London, England)

United States - 66 (Head Coach: Omar (Bud) Browning)
Robert Robinson01101
R.C. Pitts12204
Bob Kurland634415
Don Barksdale656117
Jesse Renick10002
Vince Boryla33449
Wallace Jones30036
Ray Lumpp32228
Ralph Beard01111
Cliff Barker11223

Egypt - 28 (Head Coach: Neal Harris)
Abdelrahman Ismail Hafez10042
Armand Philippe "Gaby" Catafago02442
Hussein Kamel Montasser424210
Fouad Abdel Meguid Abu El Kheir00110
Medat Youssef Mohamad02302
Yoessef Kamal Mohamed Abo-Ouf14446
Hassan Moawad00220
Ahmed Nessin00030
Mohamed Soliman12214
Robert Makzoume10002

Halftime Score: United States 32, Egypt 10
Officials: Siener (France) and Song (China)
Arena: Harringay Arena
References: Lexington Herald and John Grasso

Game Writeup - Lexington Herald

Bob Kurland (#90) grabs a rebound while Don Barksdale (#33) looks on

Ray Lumpp (#24) is guarded by Egypt's Abo (#40) and Moawad (#22)

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