United States vs. Switzerland

- Friday, July 30 1948 -

Olympic Games (at London, England)

United States - 86 (Head Coach: Omar (Bud) Browning)
Lewis Beck01211
Wallace Jones40218
Ralph Beard30106
Ray Lumpp40048
Bob Kurland41249
Alex Groza912319
Cliff Barker21235
Jesse Renick701014
R.C. Pitts600112
Robert Robinson20114

Switzerland - 21
Marc Bossy10242
Jean Pollett01331
Georges Stockly11343
Robert Geiser00110
Pierre Albrecht21205
Henri Baumann01301
Claude Chevalley11513
Bernard Dutoit10002
Hans Gujer01101
Claude Landini11103

Halftime Score: United States 34, Switzerland 9
Officials: Moran (Turkey) and Van Derhperren (Belgium)
Arena: Harringay Arena
References: Lexington Leader

Game Writeup - Ted Smits, Lexington Leader

Game Program

Jesse Renick (#55) scores while Wallace Jones (#27) and Ralph Beard look on

Alex Groza (#15) is shown in game action

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