History of the Early Southern Conference Atlanta Basketball Tournament
- 1925 -


Preliminary Round: (Thursday, February 26, 1925)

First Round: (Friday, February 27, 1925)

Quarterfinals: (Saturday, February 28, 1925)

Semifinals: (Monday, March 2, 1925)

Finals: (Tuesday, March 3, 1925)


Originally sixteen teams were slated to participate, but eighteen teams eventually were a part of the tournament as North Carolina State and defending champion North Carolina entered their names within 12 hours before the deadline, followed by L.S.U. To accomodate these additional teams the format was modified from its originally intended four-day event into a five-day event, with three games played Thursday night at 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30.

The number of entrants were actually reduced from 19 to 18 Thursday afternoon when Clemson withdrew at the last minute, giving Georgia a bye in the first round. Vanderbilt, Florida and Tennessee were also originally invited but declined: Vandy because officials did not think they could miss classes for an extended time, while Florida and Tennessee had disappointing seasons.

Drawings for the tournament were made after the noon deadline on the Sunday before the tournament began. Making the drawings were Al Doonan, Bill Alexander, Herman Stegeman and Coach Wilbur Hutsell of Auburn.

Players and coaches from Universities of Virginia, Washington and Lee, North Carolina, Virginia Tech and Maryland arrive at the Brookwood Railway Station in Atlanta on Thursday, prior to the tournament

Lou Ervin during his college days at Drake University
"Dave Yates and S.B. Sutton will be two of the officials and a third will be named early this week. (JPS Note: later Lou Ervin of the Birmingham Athletic Club was hired as the third official.) Contracts have been let for a new floor of usual heavy construction. 95 by 50 feet, and it will be finished by Wednesday night. No preliminary practice will be allowed on the new court, but both Georgia Tech and the Atlanta Athletic Club will have their floors open to early arrivals.

"Visiting teams will be quartered at the Ansley Hotel. Most of the competing squads will arrive Thursday; in each party there will be eight players, a coach and a manager.

"Prices have been fixed at 50 cents for the gallery and $1 in the arena for the first three days: $1 and $1.50 for the Monday and Tuesday bills. All gate receipts will be pooled and, after expenses of staging the tournament are extracted, divided on a pro rata basis among the teams.

"Details of the big meet are in the hands of Al Doonan, of the Atlanta Athletic Club; W.A. Alexander, of Georgia Tech; H.J. Stegeman, of University of Georgia; and Wilbur Hutsell, of Auburn." - ("Conference Basketball Preliminaries Start Thursday Night at Auditorium," by Ed Danforth Atlanta Georgian February 23, 1925.)

Individual Games

Thursday, February 26, 1925 - Preliminary Round

Friday, February 27, 1925 - First Round

First Round Friday Games

"QUEER TRICKS - The crowd saw a lot Friday night. They saw a man knocked flat on his back, shoot for a field basket and have the ball rim the cup. They also saw the huddle system on offense - a club that galloped in a body down the floor when driving for a basket. And they saw a man actually miss the entire backboard in trying to shoot a point after a foul." - ("An Ear to the Ground," by Ed Danforth Atlanta Georgian, February 28, 1925.)

Saturday, February 28, 1925 - Quarterfinals

Monday, March 2, 1925 - Semifinals

Tournament Bracket of 1925 leading into the Championship Game

Tuesday, March 3, 1925 - Finals


1925 All-Tournament Team
Atlanta Georgian - March 6, 1925

After the tournament was over, Mercer (winner of the S.I.A.A. tournament) challenged the Southern Conference champion, North Carolina, to a match to determine the best team in the South. The North Carolina team declined however, noting that they had been away from campus for more than a week, and considered their season over when the final gun sounded in Atlanta.

The receipts for the 1925 tournament came up short, nearly half of the previous year's receipts. With expenses of approximately $11,000 this resulted in a deficit which needed to be made up by the 18 participating teams. This was the first time in the tournament's history that costs fell substantially below expenses.

"Cobb and Henican both broke the tournament record in total number of points scored. Cobb made 67 in five games and Henican 63 in four games. The previous record was made by Bill Redd in 1923 with 62 as the total. - ("Tournament Notes," by Frank A. Kopf Atlanta Journal March 4, 1925.)


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