History of the Early S.I.A.A. Atlanta Basketball Tournament
- 1923 -


First Round: (Tuesday, February 27, 1923)

Second Round: (Wednesday, February 28, 1923)

Quarterfinals: (Thursday, March 1, 1923)

Semifinals: (Friday, March 2 1923)

Consolation: (Saturday, March 3, 1923)

Finals: (Saturday, March 3, 1923)


Another large field entered the tournament, with twenty-three participants. The first day saw eight games played, with an hour given for each game. The only break was to take an hour for dinner between 7 and 8 o'clock.

Originally Sewanee was slated to be in the tournament and had drawn a first-round bye, however they withdrew just prior to the start of the tournament. This left the winner of the Georgetown (KY)-Chattanooga game on Tuesday to draw a second-round bye, with entry into Thursday's Quarterfinals.

The favorite was returning champion North Carolina, who had lost Sidney Perry and Billy Cunningham, but were returning the bulk of their championship team, in particular their All-American Cartwright Carmichael. In addition, Sam McDonald was added to the starting line-up.

Other teams considered to be contenders were Alabama, who had earlier beaten the highly regarded Atlanta Athletic Club, along with Georgia Tech.

With the way the drawings came out, there was great anticipation of a matchup in the Quarterfinals between historic rivals Georgia and Georgia Tech, along with a matchup between Auburn and Alabama.

Individual Games

Tuesday, February 27, 1923 - First Round

Wednesday, February 28, 1923 - Second Round

Thursday, March 1, 1923 - Quarterfinals

Friday, March 2, 1923 - Semifinals

Saturday, March 3, 1923 - Consolation

"At the finish the contest resembled a miniature football game more than a manly exhibition of how the cage art should be played. The players on both sides were roughing it quite a bit, while "Consuello" Smith of Mercer, and Emory Jenks were ejected from the game because of personal fouls." - ("Mississippi Aggies Win Basketball Championship," by Henry Allen, Atlanta Constitution, March 4, 1923.)

Saturday, March 3, 1923 - Finals


1923 All-Tournament Team

The tournament saw Georgia and Georgia Tech face each other, for the second time in three years, which once again broke a prohibition between the schools playing each other.

A day after Georgia was taken out of the tournament by their rival Georgia Tech, the Bulldog's Sam Richardson was driving his motorcycle Friday afternoon when he was struck by an automobile in Atlanta at the corner of Spring Street and North Avenue. The car was being driven at the time by the chauffeur of a well-known Atlanta real estate agent, A.F. Liebman. The chauffeur stopped immediately and carried Richardson to the nearby Davis-Fischer Hospital where x-rays were taken. It was determined that Richardson was not seriously hurt in the accident.

Although Chattanooga lost in the finals of the tournament, they still saw fit to claim themselves as S.I.A.A. champions after their victory over Mercer in the semi-finals.

This would be the final year that the Southern Conference and S.I.A.A. joined together for their post-season tournament.


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