Missing Photos of Opposing Coaches

(*) - Denotes Coaches who also played against UK; (**) - Denotes Notable Coaches
Coach [School Opposing UK]LinksAlma Mater
(Against UK)
(Against UK)
Win %
Joe Davis [Clemson](GP) (YP)-050
Bob Ruess [Cincinnati](GP) (YP)Cincinnati (1932)030
Don Drumm [Marietta](GP) (YP)-2166.7
George Lee [Central University](GP) (YP)-2166.7
Gary Bliss [Alaska Anchorage](GP) (YP)Westminster (1963)020
W.J. Foster [Miami (OH)](GP) (YP)Southwestern (1923)020
Harold Hansen [Georgia Tech](GP) (YP)Minnesota (1918)020
Pop Keyser [Tenn-Chattanooga](GP) (YP)-020
Carl (Zeke) Martin (*) [Vanderbilt](GP) (YP)Vanderbilt020
Oscar Nelson (*) [Vanderbilt](GP) (YP)Vanderbilt1150
Arthur Brown [DePauw](GP) (YP)-20100
E. L. Anderson [Marietta](GP) (YP)-010
Edgar Bright [Indiana Central](GP) (YP)-010
Raul Canale [Uruguay](GP) (YP)-010
Richard Cochran [Tufts](GP) (YP)Tufts (1934)010
Fabian Crespo [Argentina](GP) (YP)-010
Dale Davis [Wabash](GP) (YP)-010
M.E. Eagle [Kentucky Wesleyan](GP) (YP)-010
H.W. Freeman [](GP) (YP)Maryville010
Rufus Gilbert [Rose Polytechnic](GP) (YP)-010
Max Hannum [Carnegie Tech](GP) (YP)-010
Neal Harris [Egypt](GP) (YP)-010
Harlan Hodges [Idaho](GP) (YP)Southern Illinois010
M. Hoskins [Miami (OH)](GP) (YP)-010
Gus Miller [West Texas State](GP) (YP)West Texas A&M (1927)010
Jack Overton [Oglethorpe](GP) (YP)-010
Humpy Phillips [Tenn-Chattanooga](GP) (YP)-010
Dave Possinger [Western Carolina](GP) (YP)Towson State (1968)010
Bud Saunders [Clemson](GP) (YP)Missouri (1911)010
F.W. Stone [Miami (OH)](GP) (YP)-010
A. Burnet Stoney [South Carolina](GP) (YP)-010
J.A. Tomlinson [Arkansas State](GP) (YP)-010
William Hughes [DePauw](GP) (YP)-10100
Frank Phillips [Christ Church Cincinnati](GP) (YP)-10100
George Rider [Miami (OH)](GP) (YP)Olivet (1914)10100

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