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World Professional Basketball Tournament

One event the Oshkosh All Star team participated in was the World Professional Basketball Tournament (aka World's Championship Basketball Tournament) held in Chicago beginning in the late 1930's. This was sponsored by the Chicago Herald American and organized by Arch Ward. The winning team was acknowledged to be the World Champions of Basketball.

Leroy Edwards in 1946
Oshkosh often represented the NBL (although there were often multiple league squads invited to the tournament).

The All-Stars participated in the very first tournament in 1939 and advanced to the championship game, where they lost 34-25 to the New York Rens. Leroy Edwards contributed 12 of his team's points and outscored the Rens' big men, Willie Smith who scored 6 and Tarzan Cooper who scored 5.

(Note: the Rens had been a common opponent of the All-Stars for many years leading up to the tournament in 1939, including a number of unofficial 'World Titles' being settled between the two teams. The series were competitive with the All-Stars holding the overall edge.

In a 2008 interview with former Ren John Isaacs, Isaacs remembered that Edwards played hard but clean. "He didn't talk back to the referees. He just played the game and if the officials let things get rough, he got rough."

Isaacs mentioned the constant talking between Edwards and the Rens' big men. "He and Zach Clayton and Tarzan Cooper always kept up the banter," he recalled. Isaacs related an exchange in one game where Edwards reportedly told Tarzan Cooper "you're pretty rough out there with that move" to which the Ren big man retorted, "who do you think I learned it from?")

In all, the All-Stars participated in four more championship games, winning one and losing the rest. Despite this, Edwards is the all-time leading scorer in tournament championship game history, scoring 53 points in the five games for an average of 10.6 points per game. He was also named to the All-Tournament first team three times, in 1939, 1940 and 1946.

The one victory for the All-Stars occurred in 1942 over the Detroit Eagles. The All-Stars had to defeat a team from Davenport Iowa (the Central Turner Rockets), the New York Rens and the Harlem Globetrotters just to get their chance to avenge the Detroit Eagles, who had beaten the All-Stars the prior season in the championship game by two points.

In the 1942 championship game, Edwards was injured early on and left the game. He made an attempt to come back in the second quarter and tried again late in the game. The second time, the All-Stars were in the home stretch and needed a lift against the tenacious Eagle team. Edwards hit a free throw and two quick hook shots and this helped keep the All-Stars afloat.

Below are the results of the Oshkosh All-Stars in this tournament: [note the tournament results and boxscores were found in an appendix to Robert Peterson's book Cages to Jumpshots as compiled by Bill Himmelman along with the APBR website (link)]


1st Round (3/26/1939): Oshkosh 40, Clarksburg, W.Va. Oilers 33
Quarter Final Round: bye
Semi-Final Round (3/27/1939): Oshkosh 40, Sheboygan Redskins 23
Championship Game (3/28/1939): New York Rens 34, Oshkosh 25

New York Rens


1st Round (3/18/1940): Oshkosh 42, Benton Harbor, Mich, House of David 22
Quarter Final Round (3/19/1940): Chicago Bruins 40, Oshkosh All-Stars 38


First Round (3/16/1941): Oshkosh All-Stars 47, Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons 41
Quarter-Final Round (3/17/1941): Oshkosh All-Stars 38, Philadelphia Sphas 31

Semi-Final Round (3/19/1941): Oshkosh All-Stars 40, Toledo White Huts 37
Championship Game (3/20/1941): Detroit Eagles 39, Oshkosh All-Stars 37


First Round (3/8/1942): Oshkosh All-Stars 44, Davenport Iowa, Central Turner Rockets 29
Quarter-Final Round (3/9/1942): Oshkosh All-Stars 44, New York Rens 38
Semi-Final Round (3/10/1942): Oshkosh All-Stars 48, Harlem Globetrotters 41
Championship Game (3/11/1942): Oshkosh All-Stars 43, Detroit Eagles 41


First Round: Bye
Quarter-Final Round (3/15/1943): Oshkosh All-Stars 65, Detroit Eagles 36
Semi-Final Round (3/17/1943): Oshkosh All-Stars 40, Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons 39
Championship Game (3/18/1943): Washington Bears 43, Oshkosh All-Stars 31


First Round (3/21/1944): Oshkosh All-Stars 51, Rochester Wings 40
Quarter-Final Round (3/22/1944): Harlem Globetrotters 41, Oshkosh All-Stars 31


First Round (3/19/1945): Oshkosh All-Stars 60, Detroit Mansfields 56
Quarter-Final Round (3/21/1945): Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons 63, Oshkosh All-Stars 52


First Round (3/27/1946): Oshkosh All-Stars 60, Detroit Mansfields 32
Quarter-Final Round (3/29/1946): Oshkosh All-Stars 50, New York Rens 44
Semi-Final Round (4/3/1946): Oshkosh All-Stars 72, Chicago American Gears 66
Championship Series Game 1 (4/5/1946): Oshkosh All-Stars 61, Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons 59
Championship Series Game 2 (4/6/1946): Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons 56, Oshkosh All-Stars 47
Championship Series Game 3 (4/8/1946): Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons 73, Oshkosh All-Stars 57


First Round (4/7/1947): Oshkosh All-Stars 60, Herkimer NY Mohawk Redskins 54
Quarter-Final Round (4/9/1947): Oshkosh All-Stars 53, Sheboygan Redskins 44
Semi-Final Round (4/10/1947): Indianapolis Kautskys 57, Oshkosh All-Stars 38
Third Place Game (4/11/1947): Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons 86, Oshkosh All-Stars 67

Chicago Stadium: Site of the Tournament


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