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Leroy Edwards and Oshkosh teammate Charlie Shipp

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Early Years

LeRoy Edwards left Kentucky after his sophomore year to his hometown of Indianapolis and never returned to campus. He had gotten married and had also been offered a industrial job which offered $2400 per year, which was only slightly less than the $2800 per year Adolph Rupp was making. Edwards quickly made a name for himself on the pro circuit and became a dominate player and gate attraction.

YearTeam (League)GamesFGFTFTAPFPointsPPG
1935-36Indianapolis US Tire
(Midwest Basketball)
1936-37Dayton London Bobbys
(Midwest Basketball)

Edwards also reportedly played for Muncie (IN) along with various other teams (including the Indianapolis Kautskys and Oshkosh All-Stars), mainly as a ringer for big games.

Oshkosh All-Stars

Edwards went on to join the Oshkosh All-Stars for good just as the National Basketball League (NBL) was being formed. Oshkosh was a small community, but one that was very supportive of their hometown team, which was owned by Lonnie Darling. The All-Stars were one of the most successful pro franchises of the era, as they won the Western Division of the NBL six times during the years Edwards was on the team.

Edwards led the league in scoring the first three seasons (1937-38, 1938-39 and 1939-40) along with being named Most Valuable Player in the league each of those years. It was also during those years that Oshkosh won their division. Edwards was the first NBL player to score 30 points in a game against Kankakee in 1938.

During his career, Edwards was named 'All-League' First Team six times and was twice named to the 'All-League' Second Team. He was there at the beginning of the NBL and was there at the end, as Edwards retired for good the final year of the league.


Letters from Teammates and others


Edwards would go on to become the second highest scorer in the NBL League, scoring over 3000 points. (behind Hall of Famer Robert McDermott) Edwards was also named to the All-Time All-NBL first team.

All-Time NBL Scoring Leaders (1937-1949)
Player G Pts PPG/Avg
Bobby McDermott, FtW-Chi-Sheb-TC 287 3583 12.4
Leroy Edwards, Oshkosh 322 3221 10.0
Gene Englund, Oshkosh 238 2600 10.9
Ed Dancker, Sheb-Osh 321 2490 7.7
Al Cervi, Buf-Rich-Syr 187 2326 12.4
Don Otten, Buf-TC 168 2292 13.6
Michael Novak, Chi-Sheb-Syr 267 2279 8.5
Bob Carpenter, Osh-Ham 209 2140 10.2
George Glamack, Akr-Roch-Ind-Ham 202 2138 10.5
Jake Pelkington, Akr-FtW 226 1949 8.6

Late in his career, Edwards battles the up-and-coming giant superstar George Mikan


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